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Best Podiatrist Camarillo

Patient and THOROUGH

Dr. Jon takes his time to learn about each patient's unique podiatry needs and accepts most health insurance plans and the uninsured.

Best Podiatrist Camarillo

Decades of experience

Our office specializes in foot care for the whole family. Helping patients with expert treatment and the bets prevention techniques.

Best Podiatrist Camarillo

State-of-the-art Technology

We employ the latest advanced equipment including laser treatments, orthotics, lab and digital x-rays all of which are available on-site for our patients.

Best Podiatrist Camarillo

most referred foot doctor in Camarillo

practicing Podiatry for over 30 years

His accomplishments include serving two combat tours as an Infantry officer in the United Sates Army. A highly decorated officer he was awarded the Silver Star, two Bronze Stars and three purple hearts for wounds received in action. He was the past commander of the California Order of the Purple Heart. Dr. Jon is familiar with serving his community and specializes in treating fellow veterans.

Doctor Williams' credentials:

· Diplomat American Board of Podiatric Surgery
· Fellow of the American College of Foot Surgeons
· On Staff Department of Surgery – St. Johns Pleasant Valley Hospital, St Johns Regional Medical Center
· Served as Member of California Board of Podiatric Medicine
· Civilian Consultant – Naval Regional Medical Center
· Member of Ventura County / Sate of California / National Podiatric Association

Same day care available for all urgent foot care needs!

Ingrown Toenail Relief

Ingrown toenails are when the nail curves into the skin and causes a localized infection with pain and swelling. This condition can affect all ages, both children and adults. Genetics are a predisposition factor and aging can increase the odds of having an ingrown toenail. Improper nail trimming can also lead to ingrown toenails. Occasionally trauma to the nail can be a cause. For over thirty years I have treated ingrown toenails many different ways. By far the most effective treatment is the use of a laser. The nail can be treated with the use of a laser with very little discomfort and no disability. A laser beam is used to evaporate the tissue that generates nail. This will reduce swelling and pain, while helping to prevent future ingrown toenails.

Heel Pain & flat feet

One of the most common things I see in the office is severe pain on the bottom of the foot. It hurts the most first thing in the morning or getting up after sitting for a prolonged period. It can be diagnosed in minutes with the aid of digital x-ray system in my office. Aging, trauma and overuse can all cause heel pain. Some people are born with naturally flat feet, which predisposes them to heel pain. I have consistently good results when prescribing custom digital orthotics.

A flatfoot deformity is where the arch on the inside border of the foot is more flat than normal. Flatfoot deformities can occur in all age groups, but appear most commonly in children. Some of these children grow up into adults who have feet with normal arches, but many of these children have pain related to their flatfoot deformity throughout their lives. It is very important that children with flatfoot deformity be evaluated by a podiatrist to determine if they need treatment to prevent future pain or deformity in their feet.

custom Digital orthotics

Doctor Williams specializes in custom orthotics custom made for your foot and not pre-fabricated on an assembly line. They match the exact contours of your feet and are based on a complete evaluation of your feet, ankles and unique pathology. All orthotics are fabricated from digital scans taken of your feet from the country’s premiere biomechanical lab. We offer a full range of custom orthotics that will fit all types of shoes.

Family & pediatric Podiatry

Experience in diagnosing and treating children and adults is one of the specialties of this office. Pediatric patients are unique and require patience and understanding. Years of experience in treating them allows me to gain their trust and confidence.

Relating to children's natural fear and apprehension, taking time and not rushing helps relax and calm them. We pride ourselves in our ability to treat children while calming their fears and ensuring their are treated properly. Early diagnosis and treatment of foot problems in children is critical, which is why their age should not deter parents from seeking out specialized family podiatrists when the need arises.

Urgent Care podiatry & much more...

Every effort is always made to accommodate patients with urgent problems. The office is open five days a week and for emergencies. We have the diagnostic equipment in the office to treat problems immediately.

Same day care available for all urgent foot care needs!

Our other services include

- Fungal Nails
- Plantar Fasciitis
- Diabetic Foot Care
- Wart Removal
- Thick Toenail Treatment

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"My promise, as a podiatrist, is to ensure my patients receives the professional attention they deserve. I take my time with each patient who visits our office to understand how best to relieve their pain. After one visit, they will leave with much happier feet."
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We are here for any of your podiatry needs or concerns. Do not be afraid to ask us questions you may find embarrassing or obscure when it comes to your feet. That's why we're here! Dr. Jon is available to anyone experiencing foot pain or discomfort. From ingrown toenails to orthotics, we are the most referred Podiatrist in Camarillo and Ventura County. We would love the opportunity to prove why our office is one of the best in Southern California. Leave us a message below and we will respond to you within 24 hours. or call us directly: (805) 987-3401

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